Readers Write RE: “Use Somebody” Friday Face-Off

I forgot to post some of the nice feedback I got regarding the Kings of Leon Friday Face-Off.

Reader JT took my advice and watched all of our 3rd place video

I don’t always watch the videos all the way through, but you convinced me this time… AND HOW GLAD I AM. When they busted into “Bad Romance,” it transcended heaven and earth. From now on I’ll always watch every goddamn video.

Reader PR is also a big fan of video #3:

All I can say is that if 3d place wasn’t good enough to win I don’t think I’ll be able to handle 1st and 2d.

When Smithsonian opens its Youtube Wing I hope they name you Asst. Curator.

FFOs are here to stay.

Umm … excuse me: “Assistant Curator?” Why wouldn’t I be Head Curator AND Assistant Curator? “Does not compute.”

And for all those who have written in demanding another Friday Face-Off … I’ll get one up soon, I promise!