Friday Face-Offs: “Use Somebody” – 2nd Place

“Why?” The drummer, that’s why. He looks like he escaped from a Paper Rad show. The bassist’s visor doesn’t hurt, either. Check out (1:11) when the bassist checks in with the drummer, like, “You know I’m totally about to start poppin’ off, right?” and then (1:13) when he starts nodding his head soooo jammingly.

In the comments people are slamming the drummer, but I like this kind of floppy drumming style. It works for this song. Because, what? It’s like a Sunday afternoon and you’re chilling in your dorm and you want to record a version of a song you like and so why bring in a PhD in Drumming to help out? Just throw a kit together and get floppy.

FRIDAY FREAKIN’ FACE-OFFS! Winning video is next!!!