Friday Face-Offs: “You Belong With Me” – 6th Place

What I like about this one is that, judging from the Christmas tree, and how blindingly shiny the headstock of that Epiphone is, we are witnessing the ol’ “first song played on the new Christmas guitar” ritual, like she tore off the wrapping paper and was like, “Oh hell yeah, the electric guitar I asked for! Mom and Dad you’re the best — now set up the video camera I’m about to SET IT OFF like a one-woman Shaggs guitar-tone cover band except I’m gonna sing that Taylor Swift song everyone likes!”

LOL, for what is Taylor Swift, if not an upper-middle-class one-woman Shaggs, y’know?

“Taylor, I’m a let you finish, but ‘My Pal Foot Foot’ is one of the best videos of all time!”

ALSO: From the user’s video description: Christmas 2009 – on to the next level