Further Excerpts From DOOM DUST

By request, here’s more from the play I wrote in elementary school called “DOOM DUST.”

NARRATOR: Jarm didn’t know where he was. He had smuggled 231 samples of illegal weapons right under the ACFIB’s (Alien Care For Intelligent Beings) noses. Suddenly he knew where he was.

JARM: Oh, no! They dumped me on the prison planet of Nebulae! You can’t survive for more than 5 hours because the dust clogs your breathing organs! (I bet this is where the title “Doom Dust” comes from –ed.)

ISK: Then … I will die in less than 7 minutes.

JARM: Who are you?

ISK: Isk. Just Isk. Dumped here because I was thought to have shot 3 people.

HERE ENDETH THE EXCERPT. Give it up for that grammar, by the way. “I was thought to have shot 3 people.” I really snaked through the thicket on that one.