Literary Artifact From The Manila Envelope Of History

Apparently, in 6th grade or thereabouts, I wrote a short play called “DOOM DUST.”


JARM: How can I get out (of the prison planet)?
ISK: There is a passage Hunngggghh!
JARM: The dust! Calm down!
ISK: Passage in a rock Akkglllk!
JARM: Don’t talk!
ISK: That rock there Hnmmkgkk!
JARM: Shut up!
ISK: Press the top and Eggklh! You will see an opening Vsstht!
JARM: Wait!!!!
Narrator: Reaching into his suit Jarm removes a tiny capsule.
JARM (Desperate): Eat this!!
Narrator: Isk does as he is told.
ISK: (Talking calmly): Go down the passageway from there you will warp back to 1983. Ahhhgllk!