Friday Face-Offs: “All These Things That I’ve Done” – 8th Place

Oh hellll yeah … we’re setting it OFF in STYLE right about NOW.

First of all, flicking the string above the nut to approximate the piano that begins the Killers’ version is bad-ass. And he knows it, too. Because look at how he looks at you while he’s doing it.

“Yeah, I’m going plink-plink with my guitar. You know you want me.”

Now although this guy gets +100 points for style, we gotta deduct .05 points every time he screws up the singing … so let’s see … that means the total deduction is … (using my calculator, gimme a sec) … 3,502 points. (There’s a lot of weird prosody/phrasing in this song … I can’t tell you how many videos I watched where people flub the phrasing of ‘I’m so much older now than I can take.’ I had to practice a lot before karaoke. )

Then again, we have to add +5,000,000,000 points for 2:03 – 2:19 where he’s just owning that barred G-chord like nobody’s business.

You know what? Just watch the whole video. You’ll like it.