MNFTIU Micro Yaddo

Now the truth can be told … last week I ran a micro-Yaddo (artist’s colony in an abandoned castle?) out of my house.

When blog reader and Cannonball Press co-founder Mike Houston needed a temporary studio in which make a big-ass drawing of a man-of-war ship that is also a pipe organ, there was only one choice that made sense …

Needless to say, CASA MNFTIU was able to provide the open space, natural light, gigantic drafting table, and weird home-cooked whole-wheat cornbread that the discerning visual artist requires for maximal productivity.

Wait until you see this drawing in the huge filigreed golden frame Mike has ordered for it. You’re gonna have a total OMG.

MNFTIU Micro Yaddo = 1, Haters = 0.