24 Hours Notice

America, I have heard your prayers. I’ll be selling wine and liveblogging about it tomorrow (Friday) from 4:00 – 7:00 PM EST.

Get ready to buy wine and read about yourself on the internet. Yes, it’s the future, just relax and enjoy it.


PS: Saw “Daybreakers” (futuristic zombie-vampire movie in which everyone has turned into vampires and humans are harvested for blood and they hit a “peak oil”-type of situation with human blood and scramble to synthesize a human-blood substitute and rich people drink blood out of big wine glasses and Willem Dafoe fails to act his way out of a paper bag) at the $2 theatre last night. My verdict? 2.5 bite-marks.

PPS: You should see what highschool chum and #1 fan MH is drawing in my kitchen. Holy Toledo! I will try to take an illegal photo of it and post it … (Yes, I am running a five-day micro-Yaddo for my artist friend.)