Liveblogging Returns Tomorrow Night! (Saturday!)

Hey guys, the emails keep pouring in about “What happened to the liveblogging?” (I couldn’t do it last night, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it tonight, either.)

From reader BL:

It’s not the same without you. I was eagerly anticipating your insight into emo-boy Takahashi.

Reader AM chimes in from Canada (aka Olympics Central):

My only connection to the world of Olympic glory is your dedicated liveblogging, which not only provides up-to-the-minute action, but goes so far as to add value in the form of commercial commentary, commentary on commentary, and ready-made phrases that I can drop into conversations whenever I need to pass myself off as a patriotic spectator of guys in blue jeans on snowboards. DON’T GIVE UP NOW.

A nice message from reader ER:

Your live-olywineblogging is world class! You are definitely the reigning world champ. (Subtext = “Don’t punk out now” –ed.)

An epic message from CH, who started forwarding the liveblog to his mom:

I and my mom and my girlfriend are loving your liveblogging. Please come back and do it again…. I started sending my mom your liveblogging this week and I didn’t even know if she liked them or not since you are so “out there” and using curse words but I myself was feeling them so much I had to share them with my olympics-watching mom and then I got the following email this morning:

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 9:41 AM
Subject: Where is my Oly live wineblooger?

I see by his website that he didn’t chronicle last night’s events and I watched every minute and every commercial in anticipation of his incisive and loopy commentary. Damn. Maybe he’ll watch the replay they do during the day.

Okay, the people have spoken! Your favorite “Oly live wineblooger” will do his darnedest to liveblog TOMORROW NIGHT, SATURDAY 2/20/10 (btw, could that date look any tougher?)

Know hope.