Olympic Liveblogging: Night III, Installment 3

11:35 Oh shit … I guess the Olymipcs are over for the night. Snuck up on me. Thanks to Sam for coming over, thanks to the wine donors, and thanks to YOU for reading! See you soon … @ THE OLYMPICS …

11:32 HOLD UP AGAIN: Big-ass typography controvesry . Just got an email from a reader wondering ABOUT my use of “@” … I use @ to mean “at” (as in “see you @ the library”) and also to mean “about” like “My favorite thing @ the Olympics is ski-racing” and Sam says nobody does that . TRUE??? DId I make up that use of @???? WTF??? I thought everyone used it that way!

11:29 HOLD UP are the Olymipcs over for the night??? WTF? NO, wait, Costas is just signing off … one last look at the “P.Square” 🙁 Okay, NBC is pumped b/c lots of superstar Americans won. WHat’s good for USA is good for ratings, I think. Feeling this reggae music montage of the victors … WIll.I.Am? Or somebody else? Wyclef?

11:28 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

11:26:34 🙂 🙁 <---- 🙂 😛 11:26 Guys just noticed that wordpress converted my emoticon (re: pocket square) into like some kind of cartoon face ... my apologies ... that is NOT OK 🙁 11:25:34 Mancuso / Vonna rivalry? What's going on? Vonn: "I knew I had to go out there and take it." Sounds like Sam's attitude towards all my KALE 11:25 Sam: "Mancuso's bitter. She's mad she got beat." 11:19 Big argument at wineblogging HQ @ who took all the kale for our customized pizzas ... 11:15 PIZZA BREAK BACK IN 53/100ths of a second ... <---- WAIT ALERT "Get that pocket square" Costas holding it down ... pinstripes and pocket squares (name of my new broadway musical I'm writing) 11:13 Here comes the big finale for Shaun White! BIG FINISH ... but I can't tell the difference b/w all these snowboard jumps! Sam says he could tell the difference, like I'm some kind of idiot ... ARGGHGGH "it's atheltes like Shawn Wite that make you think the imopssible is poissble" <--- announcer He did the double McTiwst ... dude I'm not trying to eat at McDonalds!!! Now Sam's mad at me b/c I'm not feeling the special finale 11:11 Shaun WHite wins the gold medal. I feel nothing. SOrry to be a hater, guys. AM I just old and bitter? I don't know I still like to have fun and whatnot. Somethign@ this kid just feels off to me ... Fuck it might as well admit I don't like Kanye West, either. And btw why does Schoolly D have less than 200 followers on twitter? 11:10:23:11 "THERE'S A TERM THAT SOME OF US USE ... IT'S CALLED TAPPING INTO THE EYE OF THE TIGER..." there's our quote for the night, right there. Thank you mr. announcer 11:09 Damn we're getting NO KIND of Costas tonight ... WTF ... "a blogger needs a pocket square right about now" 11:08 That guy Peetu Pii... (whatever) just moved into silver medal position with a score of 45.0 Announcer: "That was shocking to me..." hmm controversy in the works? Next up: some other dude ... backside 900 .... speaking of "Backside," he just flat-busted out on his backside ... NEXT ... 11:05:53 Can Vito pull it off??? USA #1 in snowboarding??? We invented this sport, right? With no help from fuddy-duddies like me. Whoops Vito couldn't pull it off ... "it will not be a podium sweep..." next up: Peetu Something-or-other currently in 4th ... "his strength: technicality and perfection" that'll work! 11:05 PM Whoa, lady, not sure it's okay to have the Am. Flag bunched up in yr hands like that 11:04 Li'l Vito back on the pipe ... hittin' the pipe ... Americans could sweep ... 11:03 "The big risk of going absolutely massive out of the pipe" ... hey all my 420 heads you know what that could be an innuendo for, right? "Smokin' a fat jay" LOL I'm laughing right now 11:01:00 PM some guy is talking about how futuristic his car is ... now it's the Alice in Wonderland ad by Tim Burton ... is that Johnny Depp? ... yeah, it is ... okay, what's this another Morgan Migraine special for VISA credit cards ... now another ad where this guy talks about his amazing car: "It's like sittign on an air hockey table" ... hmm is that good? I'd rather sit on a seat, brah.