The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House!!!

BREAKING … I never blog on the weekends, but this is an EMERGENCY … I’m in the wine shop! Repeat: I am in the wine shop!

It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend … get that wine!

We have three bottles open for tasting:

1. An Italian white wine called Fallegro! (It’s good, I tasted it!)

2. A Bordeaux called Marquis de Calon from France! (It’s good, I tasted it! In fact, it’s REALLY good! Don’t sleep on this wine!)

3. A dessert wine from Spain that is really good and guess what? “Y’all know me”: I drank it.

Three delicious wines, all perfect for Valentine’s Day … come buy some bottles for your LOVAH … and get those kisses that are comin’ to you.