A Bittersweet Gain From Coakley’s Loss: New TPM Golden Age?

Many of you remember my obsession with charting the various Golden Ages of Talkingpointsmemo.com.

I haven’t followed TPM as closely in the past year, but I re-activated my ol’ “TPM-refresh-finger” during the MA election and I gotta say–I feel a new Golden Age coming on. Josh Micah Marshall is SO PISSED about Coakley’s loss and the Congressional Democrats’ punk-ass reaction (ie, “Let’s give up on health-care reform as soon as possible”). JMM ain’t having it.

And now, this dispatch from JMM re: TPM’s editorial meeting:

We’re currently having our daily afternoon editorial meeting. And man, I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much sarcasm, biting comments and just hilarity of a painful sort. Mainly coming from me.

Oh, snap! NEW GOLDEN AGE THROWING DOWN STARTING NOW. Fuck it, let’s do this. I’ve got a half a mind to start making political cartoons again. If JMM is suiting up, maybe I will too!