New Year’s Eve Show

When’s the last time you had fun on New Year’s Eve? When you were 11 years old? Me too. New Year’s Eve is a horrible holiday. Actually I’m not even sure it is a holiday. It’s more like a societally-mandated festival of frustrated expectations (kinda like this health-care bill, am I right or what people).

But this year will be different. Blog reader and cultural go-getter SM is organizing a massive show/party at 92nd St Y’s Tribeca location. (Tribeca is one of the hippest neighborhoods in New York.)

I’m performing some “ha-ha”-type material along with about 10,000 other performers. There will be live music and conceptual art(?) and all sorts of culture flying every which way!

Come to this fun show! I think there’s even a party with DJs and karaoke (YES) afterwards.

Performers Include:
David Rees (Get Your War On) (that’s me)
Emily Flake (Lulu Eight ball)
Lianne Smith
Marykate O’Neil
Cat Martino
Deborah Johnson light show/space transformation
The Psychasthenia Society’s Jon Keith Brunelle and Daniel Vatsky
Video from Patrick Borelli
Griffin Newman
Daisy Rosario
Tony Carnevale
Ed Illades
Louie Pearlman
Bob Acevedo
Shannon Manning
…and many more, including surprise guests!

Let’s do this! Let’s have a fun New Year’s Eve we can all feel good about.