The Road

So excited! Tonight, after years of waiting and google-stalking, I’m finally gonna see THE ROAD, the movie based on the famous novel by Cormac McCarthy.

In case you don’t know, THE ROAD is about a dad (“Joe Normal”) and his son (“The Kid”) as they make their way through a post-apocalyptic funhouse known as the future! I love post-apocalyptic movies and zombies and hopelessness and all that, so I am STOKED!!!

Please don’t email me saying the movie sucks and the music is too intrusive and the ending is too happy and that Omar’s in it! I know all that! I don’t care if the theme music is “Life Is A Highway And I Wanna Ride It All Night Long,” I just wanna see this goddamn movie!

I’ll post a full review next week! (Don’t worry, I won’t write it in Cormac-Bible-ese parody-style … I’ll write it in my normal writing voice, which is this voice.)

Maybe we’ll have a little more fun with Turkmenistan next week, too. That’s all for now, except for this, my favorite Vivaldi:

Have a nice weekend.