I Wish I Was On Heroes, The Famous TV Show About Superheroes

Every so often I get an email like this one from reader PR:

OK, I know Heroes is old news, and not very good anyway, but I was watching it on Netflix recently and was struck by how much Sylar looks like you. Anyone ever mentioned that before?

Answer: Yes. Last summer I was hiking in Colorado (actually, eating a sandwich on top of a rock) and a family started gawking at me and asked me if I knew that I “looked like Sylar on ‘Heroes.'” I said yes, because a few months earlier a friend had asked me if anyone had ever asked me if I knew that I looked sorta like Sylar on “Heroes.” I guess the same actor who plays this Sylar character also played Dr. Spock in the recent Star Trek movie, because after that movie came out, people asked me if anyone had ever told me that I looked like the guy who played Spock on “Star Trek” who looks like the guy who plays Sylar on “Heroes.”

Guys, I don’t know anything about “Heroes.” I saw the ads in the subway a few years ago, but that’s all I know. I think it’s about people who were irradiated by 9/11 and gained super powers? And one of the characters, a guy named Sylar, I guess his super power is that he looks kind of like a political cartoonist.