Comment Thread From Cam’ron Video

JesseEgan (1 month ago)
this is my joint, cam’ron came with some real, powerful shit on this one.

Mcstikman (1 month ago)
LOL I wish (my salary) was that much, after a whole year of hard work I got 32cents………32cents and she was like I’m giving you this much because I like you. I was like you must be kidding but lord knows I need it these bills never end 🙁

gwa56 (2 weeks ago)
How the hell is it possible to get 32cents a year? You need to change jobs or you need to tell that lady to start paying you more.

Mcstikman (2 weeks ago)
The 32cents was not my salary for the whole year if that’s what you’re thinking, it was my “christmas bonus” XD. 32cents increase on my hourly rate

gwa56 (2 weeks ago)
oh LMAO sorry 😀

jaystallest91 (1 week ago)
LMFAO!I thought you meant 32 cents was your yearly salary, I was thinking you worked in a counterfeit nike sweat shop or something lol. I feel your pain though, thats almost an insult…they could of atleast increased it by 50 cents. =)

Mcstikman (1 week ago)
Nope not a Nike sweat shop lol. I work for AMR (American Airlines/American Eagle).

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