It’s Not Just About Senior Citizens …

Reader JT thinks we’re making fun of senior citizens:

Now sonny I am getting complaints from the elders like myself who I “hipped” to your site a while back, saying that you are “dissing” us…. So can you lay off the hate just a while now until we all pass, or at least type in high frequency fonts so we can’t hear it.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE! is a fully functional URL shortening service. If you don’t believe me, click here. My webmaster made it using “PHP” code or something, I don’t understand how exactly, but it works!

Believe me, “Old people don’t understand the internet” is the lamest kind of humor, a full 3 steps below “White people do stuff like n and black people do those same things like n-prime (where n = “this” and n-prime = “that”).

We’re not trying to make you laugh, or chuckle, or chortle. We’re trying to provide you with a URL shortening service for twitter that works … that makes intuitive sense … whose URL isn’t trying to be all intimidating and esoteric like other such service (cough, cough … cough, cough…

If you think this whole thing is a big joke, how do you explain that we already have 120 followers on twitter??? THINK ABOUT IT. Then shorten some URLs!!!

“Let’s get short!”