Readers Write re:

The movement has started … I have received more than five four emails from readers who are excited about my latest venture! (And again, many thanks to webmaster and professional computer programmer Paul Charles Leddy for all his help … Paul, you are truly the king of URL shorteners.)

Anyway, reader AA hits all the hot-button references for this new age of URL shortening:

holy shit it’s about time you expanded your empire from being the hottest blogger around to being the hottest url shortening device for the twitter machine around. finally we’ll all have time to finish our metamucil before murder she wrote ends so we can go look for our bifocals and finish reading that letter to the editor we wrote about how we don’t want the government messing with our medicare!

Reader MC sings our praises:

I am ultra-excited about URL Shorteners LLC … amidst the explosion of lookalike “me-too” URL-shortening services, I am refreshed to see a newcomer that stands out from the crowd.

Exactly! He gets it.

Think about it: Most URL shorteners are just too short and plain’ ol’ BORING to be memorable:

Yawn … half those those things aren’t even real words… “” hello, that sounds like Aztec gobbledygook … but what’s this? … a new kid on the scene … turning heads …

Finally, a URL-shortening-service URL you can pronounce! Made of real words everyone can pronounce!

Feel the change … it’s coming … time for me to eat some ice cream …