Friday Face-Offs: “Run To The Hills” – 7th Place

Hmm … a little Swedish style-mix-up, here. (You know how the Swedes like to mess with our minds.) But does it work? On the one hand, it brings out the plaintiveness of the chorus. On the other hand, I can’t imagine 500,000 Brazilians singing along to this at a stadium show …

Even before I got into Iron Maiden, I always liked “Run to the Hills,” because the chorus is so emotionally complicated. (I assume it’s being sung from the perspective of the Cree, right?) It’s also the first piece of pop culture I heard that framed the whole “Cowboys and Indians” thing as an injustice/genocide (to the Indians, that is).

“Murder for freedom a stab in the back /
Women and children and cowards attack”

So in a way, maybe I owe my entire humorless, politically-correct, Oberlin-incubated worldview to … IRON MAIDEN!!!

\m/ Up the irons! Free Mumia! \m/

UPDATE: Ah, someone beat me to it.