Hidden Oenological Messages In Iron Maiden Lyrics???

Check out 0:44 … very interesting … you don’t even have to spin the record backwards to hear it … LOL, I love the specificity of “red wine,” obviously Bruce Dickinson knows his stuff …

Speaking of which, have I shared this nugget from Wikipedia’s entry on Bruce Dickinson? It goes on about how Dickinson is not only the singer for Iron Maiden, but also a fencing enthusiast and a pilot and all this other stuff, where you’re like, “Damn, this dude is the toughest man of all time,” and then you get this:

“The most recent television programme (Dickinson) has presented was a show on spontaneous human combustion for Sky One called Inside Spontaneous Human Combustion with Bruce Dickinson, in which he investigates the phenomenon of this occurrence by enlisting the help of several experts and performing various experiments to determine its possible cause.”

GAME OVER. Bruce Dickinson WINS. Everyone who is not Bruce Dickinson LOSES.