In Honor Of Iron Maiden Week

Okay, it’s not an Iron Maiden song, and it’s not even really Iron Maiden’s style, but it pairs nicely with most tannin-heavy reds …

NOTE: I usually hate these kinds of videos/this kind of guitar playing, but something about this dude just makes me laugh, especially the psychotic style he drops at 2:10. Also check out his thumb (which is obviously addicted to crystal meth) at around 2:55.

This video made me realize something fundamental about my relationship to guitar solos: You know most guitarists (especially metal guitarists), when they’re taking a solo, they make a bunch of dumb-ass goofy faces? Big sloppy grins with the their tongue hanging out every which way? It’s like the size of their mouth has an inverse relationship to the actual artistic merit of the solo. Bigger mouth = dumb-assier solo.

But check out my man’s mouth in this solo. Because it’s pretty big … LOL. Look at his mouth at 3:18. They don’t even make mouths that small anymore. That’s how you know this dude is for real.