Question For My Readers: What Would You Pair This With?

Oh boy, check this out. “Me want.”

QUESTION: What wine would you pair this with? My initial thought was to pair it with a Pinot Blanc(?), one of those see-through white wines, since the record is see-through.

But on the other hand, dropping the needle on this LP is gonna be a heavy, exciting experience. A special occasion. So maybe I’d go with a lush, medium-bodied bottle, like maybe Domaine Henri Boillot’s Clos du Roi 2005, a 90-point Pinot Noir ($94.99). Sure it’s almost a hundred bucks, but in this scenario I’ve just spent $1,000 on a record, so I’m like “Run up that Visa bill, it’s party time.”

Besides, this bottle “generous and balanced,” according to some metalhead named Allen Meadows, so it’s gonna be worth the money …

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if one of my readers would buy this $1,000 Iron Maiden record and then invite me over to listen to it with them on a high-end stereo system. Thanks.