Almanac War: Escalation!

Reader and almanac-collector JK was not impressed with JM’s contribution to the Almanac Wars:

Slow clap for the sanctimonious JM and his video about the Government Documents Department.  Unless and until JM can show a video of his OWN collection of ALMANACS (this is an Almanac War?) then color me unimpressed. 

Besides, anyone can grab a camcorder and go to the frickin library. Bravo JM!  Next time, why don’t you just show us a video of you typing in ‘’ into your web browser.

Ouch! JM, are you gonna stand for this? This guy JK is calling you out! I don’t have to tell regular readers what this reminds me of …

By the way, JK shot new footage of his almanac collection … I think you’ll agree this is a game-changer … I’m commissioning Rand Corp. to analyze what this means for future almanac wars, because: WHOA.

If you’re in the almanac-war business, this is the grimmest 19 seconds of your life!!!