Wine Store Mondays: The Votes Are In

“Change has come to America.”

In an absolute rout that would make Nate Silver’s head explode like a gourd filled with Merlot, WINE STORE MONDAYS has crushed the competition!

The final tally? 15 in favor, 1 opposed.

From reader MR:

I definitely think “Wine Monday” should be a regular weekly feature. I hold this opinion for the following three very good reasons:

1. You always sound weirdly euphoric when you write about the wine shop, which makes for a “good read;”

2. It would provide a nice counterweight to Friday Face-Offs, thus giving the week some structure for those of us who don’t have normal jobs;

3. There are definitely not enough people spreading the word about how great wine is on the internet.

From BTS:

The original Wine Week was my favorite series since went into Blog Mode®.

Wine Store Mondays: giving Friday Face-Offs a run for its money since 9/09!

Reader JM understands how incredible Mondays will be from now on:

Writing to vote YES for Wine Store Mondays… LOL, is anyone voting ‘no’? (Jamba Juice moles –ed.) The chance to vicariously experience the excitement, intrigue, and prestige of working in a wine shop– “no thanks, I am currently skydiving while wrestling an alligator, my life has enough stimulation!”

Long-time reader FB smells a movie …

Just wanted to add another Yay! to the tally for Wine Store Mondays.  I already can smell the next Julie & Julia in the air …

P.S. The only people who hate Merlot are upper middle class jerkweeds who think “Sideways” was a documentary about their life. (Reader JKK, please note! –ed.)

P.P.S. Jamba Juice still sucks

Okay guys, I have my mandate. Wine Store Mondays is a go. But in order for this to really succeed, where I get a book deal and then Meryl Streep plays me in a movie, I will need all of your help in cross-blog-posting and linking and facebooking and twittering and what not.

Are we gonna do this? Am I actually gonna become America’s new wine authority on all things wine and wine-related?

Answer: YES.

Know hope.