Mad Men Recap

Last night I tuned into the hit series MAD MEN to see what the buzz was about.

Oh my goodness, could this show be more boring? Seriously, this is what everyone’s going ga-ga over? Some lady going to the hospital to have a baby while her husband sits in the waiting room and talks to some random guy? Hello?

Meanwhile, some skinny advertising dude is talking about “White people watch TV like this, but black people watch TV like this.”

Please, this show was more boring than licking a piece of notebook paper while listening to a dial tone.

Oh, wait, I forgot about one scene that was really exciting: Some lady was like, “I want a raise,” and the main guy was like, “I can’t do it, they’re counting paper clips” (seriously!).

FINAL VERDICT: Thumbs down. Please let us never speak of this television program again.