Mad Men: I Wasn’t The Only One

Reader KL concurs with my analysis of Mad Men:

Oddly enough, it was MY first time watching Mad Men last night, too….pretty boring, you betcha….

I should’ve gone with the old Sunday night standby, Law and Order Criminal Intent rerun instead.

Hmm, I don’t know if I’d go that far … good ol’ Law & Order … finally a realistic cop show for grown-ups … definitely holds up well against The Wire, LOL. Let’s watch Vincent D’onofrio have a conniption fit for 45 minutes, and then the suspect will totally confess to everything while their attorney sits there not doing anything to shut ’em up … we all know how often that happens in real life.

“Yes, yes, okay, I admit: I murdered socialite Doris Hilton. She wouldn’t dine in my restaurant so I stabbed her in the neck with a mustard bottle. Then I dumped her body in the hottest Williamsburg nightclub where all those lousy teenagers go to snort cocaine. Also, rap music is scary. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids. Whoa, hey, are you Eric Bogosian? What are you doing here? Anyway, yeah, lock me up forever, I don’t care. By the way, I’m so glad my rich parents paid so much money for this hard-as-nails defense attorney, because he’s obviously doing a great job preventing me from putting my foot in my mouth and confessing to everything. Thanks a lot, Mr. Attorney. Okay, so, umm, do I just put the handcuffs on myself, or what? Hello? I’ve been talking for 5 minutes straight with ominous Yahama DX-7 synthesizer music going crazy, what happens next? Oh, you’re rolling credits? Okay. Dick Wolf, much respect.”

I don’t know, guys. It might just be that Sunday night is read-a-book night.

That reminds me: I finished The Plague. There was a twist ending re: who the narrator was. I had forgotten that the narrator turned out to be one of the infected rats. He had taught himself to read and write while all the other rats were dying of plague.