Friday Face-Offs: “Kids” – 5th Place

Ignore the guy in the hat who’s so into everything and just focus on how goddamn good that parking garage sounds:

If you had a tough week and decided to drive to the mall for a late movie, and then the movie sorta sucked, but you sat through the closing credits because you had nothing else to do, and then you stumbled out of the movie theatre and took the elevator down to the lower level and started looking for your car and you couldn’t remember where you parked your stupid car and then you heard these guys’ voices echoing in some distant corner of the garage, you would forget about finding your car.

You would stagger around until you found these guys and then fall to your knees and start weeping and smoking drugs and rolling around on the floor and singing along and thinking you were in a dream.

This is the best version for getting into that weird lyric: “A family of trees wanted / to be haunted.” What does that mean? Is that about the Sierra Club?


If that version was too maudlin, here’s the antidote. Pretty sweet remix: