Introduction To Picking The Numbers: “Pick Fours”

Let’s talk about pick-fours. This is one of the real growth sectors in the “picking the numbers” lifestyle. Very hot area. The rules are simple: Put down your money. Pick four numbers. Then watch the numbers and see if the ones you picked are the ones that show up in the thing.

When I’m picking a pick-four, I always pick at least one number with a four in it, just out of respect. I might go with:

12 – 99 – 43 – 71

That’s a good solid lineup, right there. You’ve got that “43” anchoring your collection, with the 4 in the tens place, immediately followed by that 3, which is less than 4, so it’s like 4 is dominating the entire 43, like, “You think 4 can’t dominate? Ask that 3 how it’s doing right there, it’s getting so dominated.” So 43 comes out swinging.

I picked a 71 to round it off on the strength of how badass 71 looks; I remember a few years ago “Number Pickers Digest” listed it as one of the top-twenty toughest-looking numbers under 100. You never mess with “Fat 71.”

As to the 12 and 99 that kick off the sequence: What can I say? Did I ever say I don’t like to have fun with the numbers? Good ol’ “Twizzler” (12) and “Naughty Ninety-Neener” (99)! They always just make me feel good, so I pick ’em when the mood strikes me, numbers-picking-them-wise.

Another good pick-four is:

12 – 99 – 43 – 72

. . . for many of the same reasons.