Essay: Third Draft

In this draft, I decided to just go for it. Sometimes you have to start over from scratch …

“What A Free and Strong America Means to Me: YOU”
By David Rees
(for the Mitt Romney Essay Contest where you can win the baseballs)

In this modern age, what can a free and strong America mean? We all see the footage from Iran, where young people mill about in the streets, chanting “we need more green paint” or whatever they’re saying. But if Mitt Romney and his family were in the White House, this problem would already be solved. A free and strong America means doubling Guantanamo, which Mitt Romney promised to do during the 2008 campaign. When he said that, I leaped out of my sofa-bed with joy and pledged to make 25 calls per day on behalf of Mitt Romney. My telephone would become a weapon in the war to build a free and strong America that means to me. So first I called my family and yelled “VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY” into the phone at them. They said, “Thank you, David, for your service to our country,” to which I replied, “FREE AND STRONG AMERICA MEANS!” and they said, “Means what?” and I screamed/replied, “MEANS TO ME!” and then they said “Thank you” again and I hung up feeling great … and that’s what a free and strong America means to me. THE END.

“See you at the skybox … go Red Sox!”

PS: If you didn’t like this draft of my essay, don’t worry, I will write 20 more drafts before the end of the day.