Last Night I Dreamt I Was Using Twitter

Crazy dream last night … I dreamt I was updating my twitter account with like 10 tweets, writing more and more tweets, without even having time to post them. While I was writing the tweets (on my desktop computer; I don’t think that’s how you actually do it, but…), an avalanche of tweets was coming in from other twitterers. So I had to comment on those tweets, which meant my earlier, unpublished tweets were already fading into irrelevance …

Guys, I can’t get with twitter. I’m a yoga guy now. Breathing, stretching, doing all these crazy animal-positions to clear my mind and give me focus– I think my scary twitter dream was sent by the universal consciousness to warn me about twitter. (Do yoga people believe in the universal consciousness, or did I just make that up? I’ll do some internet research and figure it out.)

Anyway, that was my dream about twitter. AREN’T YOU SO GLAD YOU’RE READING THIS AMAZING BLOG?