Friday Face-Offs: “This Land Is Your Land” – 2nd Place

Something about this video just does it for me. Maybe because it reminds me of when I made a three-string dulcimer at summer camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and then I walked around the house all year, going “plunk plink plonk” on it, trying to playing Minutemen songs on it?

And also, is the guy very pumped to play “This Land Is Your Land?” Is he pretty sad about it? And at 0:31, is he really, really sad? And does he wail on that final chord very hard? And, yeah, just one last time to reiterate, at 1:35, is he wailing very hard when you look at his facial expression?

And also, is his hoodie yellow enough? Hmm … can’t tell if his hoodie is holding shit down very hard.

FRIDAY FACE-OFFS! Winning video is next!