I Read Part Of An Article Online

I’m not reading blogs, but I did just look at nytimes.com, the online home of the newspaper called “New York Times.” I skimmed an article about Tim Geithner and how much he hates investment bankers and how he’s totally on the side of the taxpayer no matter what and how he’s fighting to make sure taxpayers definitely don’t get screwed by bankers and how he’ll make sure the bankers don’t personally enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers and how he said, “Uggh, bankers make me sick, you’ll never catch me eating lunch at the Four Seasons with a bunch of capitalist pigs — unless the lunch special is ‘deep fried capitalist pig.'”

At least, that’s what I think the article was about; I can’t know for sure until I read what my favorite bloggers have to say about it … and I can’t do that because of my scientific experiment.


I want to read a blog —

— to make sense of it all —

— but I can’t —

science comes first …

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