A New Day

Here I am, 90 minutes into my work week, and I haven’t looked at a single political blog. I AM MAKING INTERNET HISTORY.

I am trying to go blog-free all week as a science experiment. How will my body react to a 100% zero-blog diet? Right now, everything feels normal. No sweating, no shaking. I feel good. I feel focused. I know that somewhere out there (probably at TPM, Lord how I miss it) there’s a blistering discussion / takedown of Michael Scheuer’s (sp) crazy piece in the Sunday Post about, “What if Osama bin Laden was about to blow up America and Obama said we couldn’t torture him because he’s so intent on impressing European pacifists?” (By the way, GREAT editorial, you should really check it out … it really made me think … yes, it was definitely a well-reasoned, sane editorial.)

Anyway, I’ll let you know my progress as it progresses. WISH ME LUCK.

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