Friday Face-Offs: “Chopped N Skrewed” – 4th Place

In the course of researching this week’s FFO, I watched MANY videos of people dancing to CHOPPED N SKREWED. This is my favorite … except for 0:37, where I panic about the fedora.

I also love the graphic wipe at the end, because it makes the whole thing look a promotional video for a new kind of travel agency — AN AWESOME KIND.

“Seriously, what’s the deal with travel agencies? Does anyone still go to these places? With a bunch of posters of Jamaica and Hawaii, and some sad plant in the window and brochures lying all over the place? Seriously, what’s the deal? How can I travel to your agency? Why would I want to take a vacation in your office? Is that the deal? What IS the deal? Anyway, what?”

(Sorry, had to bust out a little Seinfeld routine there; I’m noticing a recrudescence of the Seinfeldian zeigeist in the cultural biosphere as limned by the post-industrial memescape’s gestalt vis a vis Seinfeld and various observational recrudescences. [A reader promised a $50 donation if I could use “recrudescence” in a post more than JMM does here; all I have to say is, “Mission Recrudescence-d,” you’ve officially been CHOPPED N SKREWED.] )