Fundraiser Update

I’ll have a full update later today, but for now let me just say we’ve got some HIGH ROLLERS stepping up to the plate! Fifty dollar donations have been flying left and right. Thanks so much; I’m getting very excited about my new laptop!

If anyone has strong feelings about what kind of laptop I should buy, let me know. Here’s a little something about me and my computer needs:

1. I love to blog. So the laptop will have to be “blog-ready.” Internet access will be a HUGE PLUS.

2. I use the Microsoft Office suite of programs for writing, spreadsheeting, and slide-presentation making.

3. I make my comics in Quark XPress 4.04 running on “Mac Classic” (OS 9). Yes I am hardcore. Did I ever say I was not hardcore? OS 9 for LIFE!!! (But I also own the Adobe Creative Suite, because someone told me Apple was no longer letting its computers run OS 9 and I’d need an OS X-compatible layout program.)

4. Does anyone want to join me in a class-action suit against Apple for discontinuing OS 9, which is twenty (thirty?) times better than OS X, which looks like a bad cartoon shot underwater, with the stupid “dock” where all your programs jump out at you like a killer clown at a funhouse and the fonts look all fuzzy on my desktop?

5. My current computer is an iMac G4 and so all my programs are for that computer but can I buy a cheap-ass Dell laptop and trick my programs into running on it?

Thanks. I’ll have more information later today!