New Claymation Transformers II Bombshell: Clay-Aikenimation?

EGG ON MY FACE ALERT: Just off the ol’ Blackberry with a major Hollywood insider who says the rumors of a Claymation Transformers II reshoot are way off base.

This source sez the robot scenes are being reshot using Clay Aiken in a series of robot costumes.

This new process has been dubbed “Clay-Aikenimation.”

After ditching the CGI footage for looking “like some wack-ass Atari shit,” and deciding against Claymation as “too messy,” Transformers II director Hakim Bey decided to cast Clay Aiken in the role of ALL THE ROBOTS.

“Clay has been very patient throughout the whole process,” according to my source. “He’s getting a kick out of playing all the robots — the Transformers and the Deceptitrons (sic), or whatever they’re called, I can’t really remember because frankly we’re all a little drunk right now.”

Apparently the computer nerds who developed the CGI effects are furious that they’ve been kicked to the curb. “I can’t wait to see Clay Aiken try to turn into a truck, yeah, that’s gonna look GREAT,” said one CGI-programmer geek I talked to.

Said another CGI designer: “I don’t care how much yoga that dude (Clay Aiken) knows, ‘Downward Facing Dog’ doesn’t mean you can bend yourself into looking like a [EXPLETIVE] jet fighter plane.”


This story is still developing … I’ll add more deets as they become available …

That’s why they should spell it HOLLYWOULD, people — because where WOULD we be without it?

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