My SXSW Presentation: Slide 9 of 9

Here it is, the final slide from my aborted SXSW presentation! Hold on to your hats!

They always say, “The key to a great presentation is to end with a bang,” and I think this slide does just that!

When I was preparing my presentation, I imagined showing this final slide, and then everyone jumping up in a standing ovation, and then the mayor of Austin handing me the keys to the city, and then the president of eBay giving me a huge gift certificate, and then asking if they could put me on the cover of their online edition for one week straight, and then the Pentagon asking if I would like to be Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Extreme PowerPoint Presentations, and then Donald Trump giving me over 500 dollars.

Oh well. NEXT YEAR, SXSW!!!