My SXSW Presentation: Slide 2 of 9

“And we’re off!” This is the second slide of my never-to-be-witnessed-thanks-to-the-fascists-at-Delta-Airlines SXSW presentation. I wanted to focus on a few of my “online projects,” and determine how interesting they are — their “Interestingness Factor,” to use a technical term your grandmother never told you about when she was telling you about the internet.

My most famous project was “Get Your War On,” the scathing internet cartoon that stopped Bush’s War on Terror in its tracks and helped usher in seven years of peace and prosperity.

As you can see, I give this project an Interestingness Rating of 3 Raised Eyebrows! Not bad! (This represents the average of GYWO’s early years — when it had a 5-Raised-Eyebrow Interestingness Rating — and its later years, when it did not.)

By the way, if you’d like to see more internet projects from the mind of David Rees, a.k.a. King of the Internet, then please help me fulfill my goal of buying a laptop computer by donating to me a lot of your money!