Friday Face-Offs: “Take Me Home Tonight” – 4th Place

This is the video where I realized Eddie Money was almost like an American blue-collar version of Robert Palmer. He could wear shiny suits and the “touch of class” saxophone pin, but he couldn’t quite pull off the “I’m so debonair, I’m surrounded by babe androids“-thing that Palmer perfected (to his eternal discredit).

If Eddie Money and Robert Palmer were both eating lunch at a fancy restaurant, Eddie Money would order a steak and Robert Palmer would order some kind of special tiny bird with eleven different cream sauces on it. Then Eddie Money would walk over to Robert Palmer’s table and be like, “Hey Mr. Palmer, I’m Eddie Money, I’m a big fan, I love what you’re doing.” And Robert Palmer would be like, “Thank you Mr. Mooney, you’re too kind.” And then Eddie Money would stand there, like, “Doesn’t this poof know who I am?” and then his manager would tug at his sleeve and be like, “Let’s get back to that steak, Eddie,” and they’d walk away and Robert Palmer would turn to his consort and be like, “Who was that American fellow? And did you see his suit? It was shiny, but it was off the rack. Pooh-pooh, isn’t this caviar-roasted quail gizzard delightful?”

And Eddie Money would just sit there, back at his table, staring at his steak, sweating.


By the way, at 2:36, is the Late Show guitarist burnin’ up very hard? LOL, just two questions though, number one, is his guitar yellow enough, and number two, is Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable missing a sweater very much?