Thanks to everyone who sent this video.

Beacon, NY resident Pete Seeger, age 89, destroys everyone within goosebump-distance.

One thing:

(3:37.) ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME.

“Nobody living /
can ever stop me /
as I go walking /
on freedom highway.”

Pete Seeger? He’s pretty stoppable. LOL, umm . . . yeah, you’re gonna be stoppin’ him. “Nobody living can ever stop me.” I gotta give Pete Seeger infinity weepy LOLs, because does he kill that lyric very hard? LOL, the man is eighty-nine years old and he makes Ghostface Killah sound like Pee-wee Herman.

Eighty-nine years old . . . still keeping EVERYONE on notice.

From a flyer I designed for an Obama fundraiser, when we hoped Pete would be able to perform: