True-Life Tales Of Wine: Refrigerator Drama

More drama at the wine shop:

A woman just came in and bought some kind of white wine that we had to get out of the refrigerator. I just about lost my mind with excitement! Because when she asked if we had a bottle in the fridge (I think it’s called a “wine chiller,” or “chardonnay cabinet,” or some kind of technical thing, but it’s basically a fancy fridge with a see-though door — which all fridges should have, when you really think about it), I had a little panic attack, like, “If we don’t have this in the fridge will she cuss me and walk out of the store?” so then I went and looked in the fridge and — YES! — we had a bottle of the wine and I was like, “Yes ma’am, I have a bottle right here.”

Holy smokes, I was SO PUMPED at that point I almost said, “You know what? This calls for a celebration. Let’s drink that bottle right now. You don’t even have to pay for it.”

But of course, professionalism comes first . . . courtesy, respect, fine wine . . . they all taste great together.

TRUE LIFE TALES OF WINE . . . the drama continues . . .