Ladies and gentlemen, SHOP IS CLOSED. The lights are dimmed, the floors are mopped, and the wines are all sleeping in their cute little bottles for the night.

As for me? I’m chillin’! (Like that special refrigerator I was talking about, see below.)

My wife is enjoying a glass of “Zweigelt,” whatever the heck that is. She’s saying something about how it’s some kind of red grape from Austria, and I’m like, “Whatever, does it go with cake?”

Seriously, it was really fun running the wine shop. Thanks to all the customers who came in and bought wine.

And thanks to the owners of the wine shop!!! (Not sure if they want to be publicized as associating with good ol’; I’ll find out and if they’re OK with it, I’ll post the store information and you guys can bum-rush it and buy fifty cases of wine.)

Oh, one more thing? To all the people who prank-called the shop today, saying “MERLOT IS FOR GIRLS,” or “CAN YOU RECOMMEND A CHAB-LISS?” and then hanging up? First of all, I’m a Merlot thug for life, I don’t care what you think because you’re obviously IGNORANT about wine. Second of all, PLAYTIME IS OVER. The shop owners are back tomorrow and if people keep burning up their phone line, trying to get one over on ol’ David Rees, I might get in trouble. So please make fun of me on email, not on the phone.

Many thanks to all, and to all a good wine.