Big Wine Night Tonight (Or Should I Say “To-Wine-ight?”)

Guys, something tells me we’re gonna get a big rush tonight. I don’t know why, I’m just getting that vibe. (A great salesman can always pick up on certain sub-audible tremors in the retail-o-sphere — and the tremors are BANGIN’ right now.)

I expect we’ll move some bottles tonight!

By the way? Just sold a bottle of MERLOT to a nice lady. Merlot, for you “wine-tards” out there who don’t know anything about wine, is just about one of the HOTTEST WINES around. It’s basically like a Cabernet, but has more of a “restaurant” vibe. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the top ten wines available these days.

In fact, I’m making Merlot my WINE OF THE DAY. (That means you have to buy fifty bottles of Merlot if you want to be my friend.)