Akon Fishkill Fan Toss Drama!!!

If you think there’s no drama in Dutchess County (exclusive county where I live), you obviously didn’t hear about the controversy last year when R&B superstar Akon threw some teenager off the stage at the KFEST concert in Fishkill.

We’ve been talking about it ever since! And now it’s been resolved:

After Akon entered his plea, Smith (teenager who got tossed — ed.) and his parents lingered in the lobby while Akon and his attorney filled out paperwork, accompanied by a bodyguard and an unidentified woman. Smith’s parents had left the lobby and Smith was passing through a door to leave when he turned around, walked up to Akon, shook the singer’s hand and said, “Thanks a lot.”

Akon apologized several times to Smith, but was interrupted by the victim’s father, who said, “You threw my son off the stage.”

Speaking truth to power . . . Fishkill style.

Video of the incident:

WTF . . . Fishkill style.