Interview With Greg Pak, Cartoon Mastermind

Greg Pak is one of the hottest comic writers on the scene. I am one of the hottest bloggers on the scene. (“One of,” LOL? Who am I kidding?) Anyway, here’s another interview . . . I tried to be funny in it:

Greg Pak: Talking Points Memo versus ThinkProgress versus DailyKos versus Please discuss.

David Rees: TPM over everyone, are you kidding? TPM over ThinkProgress, over Dailykos, over NYTimes, over Ebay. CAP is a good organization but I never look at ThinkProgress; I check Yglesias’s blog every so often, but not as much as I did when he was at the Atlantic.

(I don’t know why I look at the Atlantic’s blogs, since most of them drive me up the wall. Why would anyone read James Fallows’s or Jeffrey Goldberg’s blogs.

LOL, here’s my Fallows impersonation: “It’s been really interesting watching CSI: Miami over here in China because everything is so different in China, look at this headline from the China News Daily: “CSI: MIAMI PROVES CHINA IS GREAT,” by the way look at my new USB stick, I got it in China where I live, boohoo Michael Crichton died, what a great guy, I heard about it over here in China, hey look another air taxi business went out of business, now how am I supposed to fly home from China? By the way, I totally live in China, look at this stupid photograph I took of some dumb building, can you believe how polluted everything is? Also, I love my new Apple Mac Super-thin laptop that I use when traveling around China, which is where I’m blogging from, because I live in China.”)

You can read the entire interview here.