Friday Face-Offs: “Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)” – 6th Place

Is it just me, or is the energy in this room sort of intense? Definitely seems like one of those nights where, deep down, the kids are thinking, “This is weird. Grown-ups are weird.”

I empathize with the singer and his UFC shirt, though . . . sometimes with this song, you want to go so far beyond your normal singing voice, it’s hard to know what to do with the melody . . . you wanna wrap the mic cord around your arm like Henry Rollins and jump up and down in your bike shorts and get all energy-drink on everyone . . . . . . when I karaoke this song, I’m usually screaming by the bridge — definitely by the final chorus . . . “MY LIFE MY LOVE AND MY LADY — IS THE SEA!” . . . how do you not scream that line and immediately put your foot in a wall?

She’s in love with a sailor but the dude is always out floating around on the sea and whatnot. All she has is that locket.

Then again, you could always kick it in mellow mode, like this fellow — this performance seems less fraught than the one above: