Blog Catastrophe: JURY DUTY!!!

Blessings be upon you!!!

I was really looking forward to blogging like crazy this week — kicking things off for the holiday season . . . twenty posts per minute . . . links coming out my ears . . . more LOL’s than you could shake a WTF at . . . but alas, DUTY CALLS —


I’ll try my best to get out of it:

JUDGE: Is there any reason you can’t serve on this jury?

MNFTIU: I’m the hottest new blogger on the scene so I must return home to attend to my precious blog OR ELSE THERE WILL BE RIOTING ON THE STREETS!

JUDGE: Go in peace, young man.

MNFTIU: Blessings be upon you!!!

LOL, just kidding, I love jury duty . . . I get to impose my will — or at least, my theories of criminal justice — on my fellow citizens! What a great system! “KILL ‘EM ALL, LET GOD SORT ‘EM OUT,” that’s my philosophy.

“A new kind of Jury Foreman for a new kind of America: David Rees for Jury Foreman, 2008”