Friday Face-Offs: The Suffering – 2nd Place

Few things on the internet get me more hyped and excited than this video. What “Eat, Pray, Love” is for unhappy women, this video is for me. This video keeps me going. I love this video.

Let’s review some of the factors in this video that make me love it and watch it more than twenty times:

1. The clankety-ass keys, because he’s pounding the “ess” out of them. STRAIGHT CLANKIN’.

2. The visual composition of the shot is actually kind of cool and hypnotic, and if you watch it with your eyes blurred, eventually it starts to seem like the arms are coming out of the piano.

3. The first time I watched this video, I noticed the chin bobbing in and out of the upper right-hand corner of the frame. I started to get really excited, like, “I hope we get to see this guy’s face, and when we do, I hope he is grimacing like a motherfucker.” And then guess what I saw? I saw 0:43 – 0:50. A moment of pure, total unstoppability.

4. Also, I saw 1:59 – 2:01.

TO ALL MY GROWN-UP READERS: Sweet Jesus, don’t you remember what those moments felt like? When you were surging on a hot jam in the prime of your youth? When you were loving some pop song so much that you wanted to pound right through your keyboard or smash your guitar over your own head, or at least not study for algebra so goddamn much? Just rock out in your rec room, or basement, or whatever? (By the way: Pinball machine in background?!?)


Friday Face-Offs! THE WINNER IS NEXT!!!

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