Per TPM, we read that it’s ISLAMOFASCISM AWARENESS WEEK again. Has it already been a year?

“Time flies when you’re having fun battling Islamofascism.”

Actually, it hasn’t been a full year. This is one of those special weeks that can pop up at any time.

Some of you may remember that I gave a lecture on Islamofascism to raise awareness during October’s Islamofascism Awareness Week. (I was kind of acting as a free agent. . . I didn’t have time to get
permission from David Horowitz.)

I realize we need to spread the word about Islamofascists. . . a lot of people don’t even know about 9/11. . . so I am posting some of the slides from my lecture. Spread the word: use them in your classroom, at your church, on the street corner. . . anywhere you might find someone who doesn’t know about terrorists.

“The only Islamofascism Awareness Week PowerPoint presentation that mentions 9/11 on every slide. . . GUARANTEED.”

You’ll notice that I typed “Islamofascism” in Comic Sans, the world’s crappiest font. I did this to humiliate the Islamofascists.

Photo credit: WORD Brooklyn, the hosts for my lecture.