A few years ago I was in Lawrence to do a lecture. I was giving them a hard time about Roy Williams leaving for UNC. Uggh.

Anybody know if “One Shining Moment” is available on karaoke? I think it would be really fun to sing it at a karaoke bar. But to really up the intensity, I would sing it in DICK VITALE’S voice.

I don’t want to get sued by NCAA basketball for posting the song, so here’s the next best thing. . .

Mandatory youtube video description: They’ve never sounded better!

If your heart doesn’t swell with joy at 0:42, it’s because you have no heart.

Seriously, gang: WHAT IF THEY PLAYED THIS FOR THE NCAA MEN’S BASKETBALL MONTAGE, INSTEAD OF “ONE SHINING MOMENT?” What if they just did it once, just to show that (my) dreams can come true; that anything is possible?

It would be like the “2008 Davidson College run” of network sports programming.